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We understand that Spiritual Enlightenment and the Pathway to Ascension is a life-long journey of lessons, growth and expansion. Consider the Golden Age World community as your digital utopia, where seekers unite, knowledge flourishes, and connections thrive. 

Through this portal, if you choose, you will have the opportunity to be personally mentored by Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji throughout the month through the Mystic Mentorship, you will also be given instant access to their entire library of energy activations, meditations, and transmissions.

Every Experience, Post, Class or Engagement Brings You One Step Closer To Greater Mastery and Lasting Connection

Charge Your Battery With Media that Feeds Your Soul and Enlightens Your Mind

Beyond this being a community space, it is more aptly known as a sanctuary for those passionate for the path to enlightenment, personal development, and deep soul connections.

Who is the Golden Age World Community For?

Our Community is a welcoming sanctuary for anyone passionate about personal and spiritual growth. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast well-versed in esoteric and healing practices or just beginning your journey, our loving community embraces individuals from all walks of life.

Our Community focusus on Superconsciousness, selfless service, and Connection with The Higher Self. 

Benefits of Joining TwinRay Community

Explore a rich collection of transformative teachings by Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji. Enroll in empowering courses designed for all individuals on the path to Divine Mastery, guiding you to unlock your Divine potential and navigate the journey of embodying more of your High Self.

Connect with like-hearted people in our Support Pods‚ÄĒdedicated spaces for mutual sharing, discussion, support and shared insights. Join our community as you progress along your spiritual path.

Access a curated collection of exclusive high vibrational merchandise that reflects the essence of the Golden Age. Elevate your journey with sacred items of your commitment to Divine mastery.

Dive into the heart of Divine mastery with exclusive access to advanced sacred wisdom teachings, practices, and resources. Elevate your spiritual journey with insights that go beyond the ordinary.

Benefits of Joining TwinRay Community

Cultivate a daily meditation practice with community guided live sessions designed to enhance your spiritual well-being. Immerse yourself in transformative experiences that align with the principles of Divine mastery.

Engage in the Reward System to earn recognition and exclusive benefits as you progress on your spiritual path. Celebrate milestones and achievements within the community.

Participate in lively discussions, forums, and boards where community members share experiences, insights, and support. Exchange ideas and wisdom with fellow seekers on the path to Divine mastery.

Connect directly with community members through private messaging. Forge meaningful connections, exchange support, and share your journey with those who resonate with your path.

Mystic Mentorship

Immerse yourself in TwinRay’s exclusive content, offering profound insights, sacred wisdom teachings, powerful energetic transmissions and activations. Stay connected with the latest offerings from Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji.

Elevate your leadership skills with this exclusive Enlightened Leadership Program for advanced seekers on the path. Join a community of conscious leaders, engage in transformative discussions, and access exclusively the most potent teachings and tools for enlightened leadership.

Why Join the TwinRay Community?

TwinRay Community is leading the example for the Golden Age lifestyle. 

Join us as we enter the new age together and access resources that will accelerate your journey. You’ll have the support of a like-minded community to usher you into your greatest potential, and hold a depth of space you need in order to heal, grow and step into your soul-aligned mission.

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Your path to enlightenment and soul
connection starts here.

Join the TwinRay Community today and step into a world of growth, connection, and limitless possibilities.

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